Radiation Effects and Radioactive Waste Management
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B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. Students

Name Year

Thesis Title

Current information

Dr. Elizabeth Ferriss Ph.D. 2009 Corrosion of UO2 and computational models of solid solutions in the zircon group Post-doctoral fellow,Columbia University, ferriss@ldeo.columbia.edu
Darius Dixon M.S. 2009 Gd2Ti2O7--Gd2Zr2O7 pyrochlore using first-principles and Monte-Carlo simulations Energy policy reporter, POLITICO, ddixon@politico.com
Dr. Weixing Li Ph.D. 2010 in Materials, M.S.E. in NERS Hollow fission tracks in fluorapatite Post-doctoral fellow, Dept of Geology, U of Michigan, wxli@umich.edu
Dr. Devon Renock Ph.D. 2010 Redox Processes in Sulfide Minerals Assistant Professor,Dartmouth College, Devon.J.Renock@Dartmouth.edu
Akiyoshi Imaura   Patent Examiner, Japan Patent Office imaura-akiyoshi@jpo.go.jp
Dr. Artur Deditius   Institute of Applied Geosciences Graz University of Technology deditius@tugraz.at
Dr. Frances N. Skomurski Ph.D. 2007

The corrosion of uranium dioxide:
An atomic-scale investigation

Post-doctoral fellow, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Martin Herbert Reich Morales Ph.D. 2006, Distinguished Dissertation Award  

University of Chile, Dept of Geology

Crystal Thrall B.S.E. 2006  

Ph.D. candidate, University of Michigan

Dr. Lindsay Shuller-Nickles

B.S.E. 2005

Ph.D. 2010


Assistant Professor, lshulle@clemson.edu, Clemson University

Dr. Christopher Palenik M.S. 2002; Ph.D. 2004, Distinguished Dissertation Award

Isotopic composition and neutronics of the Okelobondo natural reactor

Vice President Microtrace, Research Microscopist

Dr. Sha Zhu M.S. 2001; Ph.D. 2004

Effects of radiation and fission product incroproation in a Yttria-stabilized zirconia based inert matrix fuel


Dr. Jie Lian M.S. 2000; M.S. 2001; Ph.D. 2003

The response of the pyrochlore structure-type to ion-beam irradiation

Assistant Professor, Renselear Polytechnic Institute, lianj@rpi.edu 

Dr. Binxi Gu Ph.D. 2001

Radiation and thermal effects on zeolites, smectites, and crystalline silicotitanates

Advanced Materials Inc. 

Kathy Trexler M.S. 2001  

Environmental Engineer

Julia McAnallen B.S. 2000  

Sung Hyun Kim M.S. 1999  

Dr. Keld A. Jensen Ph.D. 1999

The natural fission reactors in Gabon: mineralogy, uraninite chemistry and retardation of nuclear reaction products

 Danish Center of Occupational Safety kaj@nrcwe.dk

Kerim Martinez B.S. 1998, Honors  

Environmental Engineer, working for COWI

Dr. Katheryn Helean B.S. Honors 1996; M.S. 1998 Propeties of a unique "gel" zircon from Russia; Dissolution of zircon

Sandia National Laboratory

Dr. Shixin Wang Ph.D. 1997 A general model for radiation-induced amorphization in ceramics


Dr. Alkiviathes Meldrum Ph.D. 1997, Dean's Dissertation of the Year Fellowship Radiation effects in the orthophosphates

Professor of Physics, University of Alberta

Paula Provencio Newcomer M.S. 1995 Temperature dependent irradiation-induced modification of thallium-containing perovskite cuprates

Sandia National Laboratory
ppnewco@sandia. gov

Dr. Robert J. Finch Ph.D. 1994 Paragenesis and crystal chemistry of the uranyl oxide hydrates

Argonne National Laboratory, Chemical Technology Division

Cecilia N. Wesch B.S. 1992 The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant and the continuing debate  
Dr. Raymond K. Eby Ph.D. 1992 Amorphization of silicates by ion-beam irradiation

 Nano Link

Dr. Mark L. Miller Ph.D. 1992 Image simulation of partially amorphous zircon, ZrSiO4 Implications for the interpretation of HRTEM images  
Julie Warner M.S. 1991 Crystal chemistry, alteration, and annealing of samarskite structure-types  
Dr. Klaus Giesen Diploma, University of Aachen, 1990 Mineralogy of coffinite in the Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico  
C.J. Northrop, Jr. B.S.1989 Crystal chemistry of beryl and monazite from the Harding Pegmatite

Assistant Professor Geological Sciences, Boise State University

Dr. G.R. Lumpkin Ph.D. 1988 Crystal chemistry and radiation effects in pyrochlore group minerals


Dr. Michael J. Jercinovic Ph.D. 1988 Alteration of basaltic glasses from British Columbia, Iceland, and the deep sea

Assistant professor and Director, Electron microprobe and scanning electron microscope facilities

Rachel Cowan M.S. 1988 Alteration of basalt glasses at Hanauma Bay and Koko Craters, Oahu, Hawaii   
Paula J. Stout B.S. 1988, Honors Anealing kinetics of alpha-damaged UO2 and ThO2     
Tamsin Cordner McCormick M.S. 1980 Exsolution in alkali feldspars and implications for the cooling history of the Battleship Rock Tuff, Northern New Mexico       
Robert R. Merker M.S. 1980 Pegmatite emplacement in the Cribbenville area, Petaca District, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico       
Kathleen Affholter M.S. 1979 Petrogenesis of orbicular rock, Tijeras Canyon, Sandia Mountains, New Mexico

Professor of Geology, Pellissippi State Technical Community College

Tony Skeryance M.S. 1979 Stratigraphy of the Mancos Shale of the San Juan Basin

"Oil Patch"     

Carol Hill M.S. 1978 The geology and mineralogy of cave nitrates       
Bryan Chakoumakos B.S. 1978 Microlite, the Harding pegmatite, Taos County, New Mexico

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Post-doctoral Fellows and Research Scientists*

Name Years with group Current position Contact information
Dr. Jie Lian 2003-2008 Professor, Renselear Polytechnic Institute


Dr. Veronique Pointeau 2006-2008     pointeau@umich.edu
Dr. C.V. Ramana 2005-2007 University of Texas, El Paso rvchintalapalle@utep.edu
Dr. Sha Zhu 2003-2004 Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan szhu@umich.edu
Dr. Kai Sun 2002-2003 Electron Microscopy Analysis Laboratory, University of Michigan kaisun@umich.edu
Dr. Wendy Panero 2001-2004 Professor of Geology, Ohio State University panero.1@osu.edu
Dr. Liping You* 2001-2002 Microscopy Laboratory, Beijing University      
Dr. Xiao-tao Zu* 2001-2002 Department of Applied Physics, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Chengdu, 610054, People's Republic of China
Dr. Satoshi Utsunomiya* 2000-2007 Assistant Professor, Kyushu University, Japan


Dr. Jian Chen* 1999-2001 Tsinghua University, Department of Management Science & Engineering


Dr. Keld A. Jensen 1999-2000 National Institute of Occupational Health, Copenhagen, Denmark kaj@nrcwe.dk    
Dr. Donggao Zhang 1998-2000 Electron Microscopy Center, University of South Carolina dzhao@sc.edu
Dr. Shixin Wang 1997-2000 Micron, Boise, Idaho        
Dr. Farong Chen 1997-1999 Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences           
Dr. Mostafa Fayek 1996-1997 University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory mfayek@utk.edu
Dr. Peter Burns 1995-1996 Department of Civil and Geologic Engineering, Notre Dame University mfayek@utk.edu
Dr. Nicole Bordes* 1993-1994 Microscopy Centre, University of Sydney VisLab, A28, New South Wales 2006, Australia
Dr. Gong Weiliang 1993-1997 Vitreous State Laboratory Catholic University, Washington D.C. liuwl05@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Dr. Mark L. Miller* 1992-1997 Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of New Mexico           
Dr. Hiroshi Isobe* 1991-1992 Department of Environmental Safety Research, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute           
Dr. Lu-Min Wang* 1990-2005 Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan lmwang@umich.edu
Dr. Janusz Janeczek 1989-1992 Professor at Silesian University, Poland rektor@us.edu.pl
Dr. M.J. Jercinovic 1988-1990 University of Massachusetts, Amherst mjj@geo.umass.edu
Dr. G.R. Lumpkin 1988-1989 Materials Sciences Division, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organization greg.lumpkin@ansto.gov.au
Dr. Ishmael Hassan* 1988 Department of Chemistry, University of the West Indies       Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica    
Dr. Takashi Murakami 1986-1988 Professor at the Mineralogical Institute, Tokyo University, Japan murakami@eps.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
Dr. I.D.M. MacKinnon* 1984-1987 Director, Electron Microscopy Centre, University of Queensland, Australia              
Dr. B.C. Chakoumakos 1984-1988 Solid State Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Mr. R.F. Haaker* 1980-1983