Radiation Effects and Radioactive Waste Management
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Lumin Wang

Professor Lumin Wang received his Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1988.  After an one year post-doctoral research in the Materials Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory, he became a research scientist and the manager of the Electron Microscopy Analysis Laboratory (EMAL) at the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque in early 1990.  He was a senior research scientist and an associate research professor at UNM before he joined the faculty of the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan (UM) as an associate research scientist in the summer of 1997. Now he is a full professor holding joint appointments in two Departments at the University of Michigan: the Department of Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences, and the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.  Prof. Wang was recently named director of EMAL at the University of Michigan.


During the last 15 years, Professor Wang has been working on interdisciplinary research projects involving disciplines such as nuclear engineering, geological sciences, environmental sciences and materials science and engineering.  His main research interests include radiation effects in nuclear materials, radioactive waste management, ion beam modification of materials, material characterization with advanced transmission electron microscopy, processing and characterization of nanostructured materials.  Prof. Wang has author or co-authored 3 book chapters, over 250 research papers (with over 140 papers in SCI indexed refereed journals) and edited several symposium proceedings.  Prof. Wang has an active collaboration with scientists in US national laboratories, US and foreign universities and research institutes (e.g, in Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Singapore, and UK).  He has given 50 invited talks at national or international conferences and research institutions. Prof. Wang has been PI or co-PI for more than 20 research projects with over 8 million dollars of grants and contracts.