Radiation Effects and Radioactive Waste Management
Research Group

A Message to Prospective Graduate Students


Prof. Ewing and Dr. Lumin Wang hold appointments and advise graduate students in three departments: Geological Sciences, Materials Science & Engineering and Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences. Perspective students may apply to any of these three departments for graduate study.

The  research group is involved in projects that incorporate geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, materials science and nuclear engineering to study a variety of materials and processes, both natural and synthetic.  Our research falls roughly into two categories: environmental problems, such as the long-term disposition of nuclear waste and radiation effects; and the study of advanced materials for the technological applications. There is significant overlap between these two broad topics, and these fields often lead to projects that extend beyond this scope. Thus, the majority of our research has applications in several disciplines.

Our group has consisted of students and visiting scientists from a variety scientific backgrounds that typically include Geology (Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Hydrology), Chemistry, Materials Science, Physics or Nuclear Engineering.  We are interested in recruiting motivated students with a strong scientific background regardless of their specific disciplinary background.

If you are interested in working with our group or would like more information, please contact Prof. Ewing (734) 647-8529, Dr. Wang (734) 647-8530 or any of the group members. 

For students who have already submitted an application for graduate study at the University of Michigan (in Geological Sciences, Materials Science or Nuclear Engineering), please notify Prof. Ewing or Dr. Wang so that they can keep an eye out for your application.