Radiation Effects and Radioactive Waste Management
Research Group

Environmental Mineralogy

Scope of Research

In Nanogeoscience, fundamental data for environmental and geological issues in natural nano-world are necessary.  We investigate interesting natural samples using microscopic technique including HAADF-STEM, EFTEM, and HRTEM.

Look for our article on applications of nano-analytical electron beam techniques to the study of environmental nanoparticles in the Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


TEM - Transmission Electron Microscopy

HRTEM - High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy

HAADF-STEM - High Angle Annular Darkfield - Scanning TEM

EFTEM - Energy Filtered TEM

SIMS - Secondary Ionization Mass Spectrometry



Atmospheric airborne particulates - Identification of Uranium nanoparticles

Arsenic Colloids

Heavy Metal Adsorption onto Inorganic Colloids

~Coming Soon~

Natural Fission Reactors of Okelobondo, Gabon

Carlin-type gold - Direct observation of "invisible" gold nanoparticles

Surface Mineralogy and Dissolution Rates of Uraninite

 Pb in an Archean Zircon



Traexler, K. A., and Ewing, R.C. (January 2002) Colloid Formation and the Potential Effects on Radionuclide Transport in a Geologic Repository for Spent Nuclear Fuel.  Department of Energy. (DOE/SNF/REP-070). PDF (9 Mb)